Transform your data management system in an APP

Create with our platform Nios4 the App iOS and Android to connect to your data management system and to the programs you are working with now.

How to do it?

Using Nios4, the only framework No-Code Low-Cost developped in Italy for the creation of App iOS and Android connected to management bases already existing. Thanks to integrated models, designed through Drag & Drop and intuitiv graphic interfaces, you will be absorbed in the creation of your App in little time. And the developped project will be immediately visible, on any device, thanks to the potential of Nios4 Cloud.



Tell us how you work now, what are your specific needs and together we will develop the system you need

Now with D-One you can do it

Our 20 year experience in the APP digital world allowed us to develop the software platform Nios4. A framework specialized in the development  of mobile App and SaaS services easily integrable with informatic tools already present in your Company.

The most complete and economic SOLUTION, that SOLVES the needs of any sector, extendible in autonomy without having specif informatic skills, so no need to change the company workflows.

" We  have been working for 2 years with our App mobile and the Cloud service connected to our data management system TeamSystem and all departments are operational and enthusiast of the new working tool, because it is easy and intuitif  to use."

Thomas Nichols

Over 10.000 Companies are already working with our Applications

Bring in mobility your Business and no more limits of your working instruments. Develop with D-One the mobile iOS and Android extension of your data management systems.