With D-One your Company can finally have his own App. From over 20 year we aim at quality excellency in very short time, to digitize and simplify company processes. TIMINGS AND BUDGET SURE. ALWAYS

Catalogue products in App

App iOS, Android and Web App connected to a Web Panel management for the administrator fully customized, that allows:
- entering each Product and related photographic gallery
- managing Lines and Under Lines of product
- uploading file PDF, DWG, Video connected to each product with Datasheet and assembly sheets
- Users profiling with setting of visualization permissions for categories of users
- allocation documentation pricing Lists dedicated to Agents
- Shop in App connected to the Pricing List made with a centralized database of Nios4


Management Orders based on Catalogue PDF

Starting from PDF files of Catalogues and Sampling Sheets through mapping of pages areas, it is activated the action  of Adding of the Item to the Chart. The area mapped is associated to the Item Code that is therefore visualized in the Chart Summary before sending the Order from Smartphone, Tablet iOS and Android. The App and the customized system of Order sending is integrated in the internal Nav Management Program


Technical Reports in the field

Complete Solution dedicated to the technical staff and maintenairs of Bosch Energy. Mobile App for technical assistance adapted to work flows previously executed in semi-manual mode.
The RTS projects expects:
- profiled accesses with roles and permissions divided in users categories
- automatisms for checking and controlling of technicians hours attendances
- collection detail executed work in the field with filling intervention offline and sending of finished reports


Product Range in App

The App IGEA Therapy  was born to send automatically from the App further material and medical documentation bounded to both the doctor and his patient. The Biomedical Range of products is connected to an internal system of messaging reserved only to doctors for direct sending of communications and contents highly specialised on IGEA products. Furthermore it is connected to the App the SMS service instead of sending email. Management of products and of all specialized contents comes from an administration Web Panel, connected directly to the App Igea Therapy.
The management expects:
- entering autonoumously of product sheets and images
- uploading of specialistic medical informative in HTML and PDF format
- user profiling with related permissions and internal messaging system
- Template creation and graphic models in HTML of automated e-mail
- statistical system on click and visualizations of sent informatives

Management App Tailored made

Nios4 is a software platform No-Code to create management App.
The first framework developed in Italy to transform already existing programs and management systems into App iOS and Android to work on Smartphone and Tablet everywhere even offline.

App Multibrand


GranitiFiandre S.p.A.

App Catalogue for pubblication of all catalogues and digital presentations to be consulted in PDF format, grouped for Brand and product Line. Management favourite pages, wishlist and system of search per word. Project of Digital Publishing for Agents, Sale Points and Resellers B2B. The App is connected to the PDF files present in the Company and the web panel of integrated management allows it to add, eliminate and update each file in full autonomy. System of Push Notification automated on uploading of new files and update of those present to show with the visual badge, the presence of new catalogues and contents.   


Software and App Spare Parts

Catalogue Management spare parts 2D and 3D from mobile devices. With spare parts App the management of spare parts is brought out on the move. 
From its own device the user can:
- visualize the explosure of the drawings to select the spare parts Code
- surf interactively the base lists and the tables
- order spare parts


Collection and data verification

Platform for insertion of customized Diets, assigned to the User and collection of daily values with direct sending to the Dietist.
Customized interfaces and sections for fast and optimized entering for consulting and variation of Menu  preset in the Diet.
A tailored made tool that works online and offline that enables a real-time sharing of the values. The dynamic system of the diet creation is based on a database of foods manageable by yourself from an admin panel connected to the App.


Orders on PDF Catalogue

An application developed to enable each agent to have access to all PDF catalogues and manage orders collection directly from the interactive PDF catalogue.

With a single app  on iPad/Tablet, all you need to manage sale process at your fingertips. This project adapts to to small companies needs as well, because it not expensive and there is no need of further costs for training agents.

It is also possible to make a connection to the management system in use in the company, that enables access to customers registres and entering new customers, plus manage discounts and listings.


Collection Contacts in Fair

Specific App for data entry to fill in company CRM, digitise old paper modules and do specific audit, ideal for fairs, congressses and company events.
An Application thought to collect unlimited contacts also offline during a fair, a commercial event or a visit in person. Collect all the data you want and, once you connect to the internet, the app will syncronize with CRM or with the data management in use in the company.

App connected to GPS Tracker

The Application allows to manage and set GPS tracker of the Hi Map bracelet. Platform to manage the position of bracelets HiMappy.
Native App iOS and Android complete of geofences and Allert system automated for signaling of accesses and way-out from the setted areas.
Web App consistent with all Browsers, Responsive interfaces that replicates the same functions of the iOS and Android App.

Management Teams Football

We have realized a system for the management of the football teams. The customer through an internet website dedicated, enter and update the statistics of each player. This way users are always updated to realize their teams using the calculated scores from several sectorial magazines. Within the App it is furthermore possible to see the magazine Fantaundici dedicated to this world.

Solutions and systems for Selling and for Order collection

The winning formula more similar to your working method and that starts from your basic data. Both, whether you have only PDF or Product sheets.

App with PDF Catalogue

The grounds of the App are file PDF of Catalogues and Listings, processed within a specific Editor that extrapolate automatically the words of text contents (Search Tag) and adds interactivity to the pages. The mapping system of the areas allows to activate the bottons to add to the chart of the product, directly from the PDF page.

App with Gallery products

The complete range of the products for sales is proposed with a graphic with visual gallery, complete of search system and preview of product information.
Adding the product to the Chart happens directly from the visual grid without intermediate passages fully reducing the timing of entering the article in the Order.


From over 25 years we work with passion together with our Customers on projects of company digitizing, from orders management on mobile up to production management for internal departments.