LINKtools - Automatic system for locating objects

Always stay connected to your work and goods tools to always have everything under control and not waste time searching for objects.

The LINKtools system was developed by D-One to locate and track work equipment on construction sites, in workplaces in general and in the phases of moving from a site to another.
Through the creation of a Bluetooth transmitters network the equipment will be monitored through special Readers positioned inside the construction sites, the vehicles and on workers work kit , allowing to identify their theoretical position .
The system can also monitor the position of workers by registering through the phones,arrival and departure from the various work points and / or construction sites, automatically notifying the company, either their own position that the time spent in the place.

WHO is LINKtools dedicated to?
- to those who work often moving between an construction site and another
- to those who have lots of equipment and goods even very different from each other
- for those who want to quickly find vehicles and tools without having to be physically on site
- to those who must save on time and on the costs of managing equipment and tools

- it uses the Bluetooth technology of iBeacon sensors which is cheap, lasts a lot and always works automatically
- eliminates the need to have to do additional operations or activities to the staff working on site
- it tracks the movements of goods automatically and also the loads and discharges of tools from vans
- memorizes the accesses and exits of the employees from the various workplaces, be they yards rather than offices
- respects the work habits already in use because it is the technology that adapts to the specific needs of the company and not vice versa

The system based on economical and consumer-friendly Bluetooth technologies does not oblige the purchaser to be bound to only one single-brand hardware, and allows him to re-use the same iBeacon on more equipment, for example in situations where a broken device is replaced with a new.

Optimize your work and regain control of your work equipment!
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