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iBeacon solutions for exhibitions and expositions

What is a Beacon?
A small Bluetooth® device which, if placed in a physical space such as a Stand or a store, transmits low-power and short-range radio signals around itself. Just like a small lighthouse, it can interact with smartphones that enter its field of action.
Your customers will therefore be able to benefit from personalized notifications while walking inside the store or interacting with the products displayed.
Using Bluetooth® technology, the device can estimate the position of smartphones and interact with them by exchanging data and informations.
The micro-location system has the ability to identify mobile devices in an area that can range from 4 centimeters to 200 meters away.

The Made in D-One solution

Our proximity marketing solutions allow you to completely innovate the way you plan, live, and evaluate the experience of an exhibition.

Visitors can gather, thanks to iBeacons technology, any kind of information: exhibitor contacts, press kits, catalogs ... etc ... potentially any content that may be relevant to them. We also encourage the sharing of the event on social networks, making the visit experience more interactive.

The organizers, on the other hand, will no longer leave anything to chance in the evaluation of the results obtained by the event, in the planning of subsequent editions and may propose a new advertising support for the exhibitors, which enhance their visibility through Mobile media.

The exhibitors, thanks to the platform we provide, can understand the behavior of visitors and the movements of the guests within their stand, as well as collecting a list of carefully profiled contacts.

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